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About the people behind GetLCQ

The Learning Place Ltd is a NZQA registered and accredited private training establishment. We bring a wealth of experience in delivering the Licence Controller Qualification. Members of the team have been delivering the LCQ for over ten years. We decided to put the LCQ online because:
  • We wanted to increase access for all people working on licensed premises to this training. Working on licensed premises can be risky for staff and licensees. Not to mention the responsibility you have to your patrons. The cost of not getting it right is too high.
  • By putting the LCQ online it meant that people could take their time to learn the material and still attend work.
  • We wanted to bring the price down. The result of this is that more people can have access to the training and as a result reduce risk on licensed premises and increase knowledge and responsibility. For $165.00 it is easier to train your staff and have better trained people on site.
  • People now have greater access to the internet on laptops and tablets. 
The Learning Place Ltd partnered with ADInstruments an international company that produces data acquisition and analysis systems for the life science industry. ADInstruments have developed a learning platform called KuraCloud that GetLCQ sits on. KuraCloud makes the learning process easier to understand.

ServiceIQ is the industry training organisation or ITO that overseas the Licence Controller Qualification and issues the LCQ Certificate. Service IQ have pre-moderated the GETLCQ on-line LCQ meaning it meets their standard. Service IQ issue the LCQ Certificate.

We developed the GetLCQ online LCQ with support from:
  • Sergeant Ian Paulin Alcohol Harm Reduction Officer at the New Zealand Police
  • Tony Mole Licensing Inspector Dunedin DLC
  • Martine Cashel Smith representative for the Medical Officer of Health
  • Duncan Robertson General Manager and hospitality professional extrodinaire.
All four feature on the training course.


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