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Assessments and Re-submissions

1. Candidate assessment procedure

  1. The assessment is integrated into the online training programme.
  2. You are required to upload a photo of you with your ID to verify your identity. If you do not upload your ID, we are unable to mark your assessment. We will offer you to send it to us via e-mail, if you fail to do so within 20 days, we will delete you off the platform and you will not be able to complete this course
  3. Our assessors are well trained, technically competent in the areas they seek to assess. Assessors will only assess candidates within their agreed scope.
  4. We have created flexible, individualised assessment opportunities tailored, to your specific context. The Assessment is based on the most appropriate methods of assessment and forms of evidence for our candidates.
  5. All assessments will be conducted in a manner that is fair, valid and consistent. Consistent assessment is ensured through compliance with internal and external moderation systems.
  6. All work included in the assessment must be your own (also see plagiarism below)
  7. Assessment are conducted in an open environment. Assessment requirements are stated in the assessment module within the LCQ course. The assessment process will be initiated and managed by candidates. We aim to ensure assessment is a positive and motivating experience for candidates.
  8. Accurate recording and reporting of assessment results will be maintained.
  9. The requirements of the Privacy Act 1993 will be upheld. Assessors will not collect more personal information than is necessary for the administration of the assessment process.
  10. If you have not answered at least 25% or more of the questions you will be charged a fee of $35, before you are sent your resubmission email.
  11. On completion of all the unit standards for a certificate course ServiceIQ will issue a certificate. This process can take 15-20 working days from final completion.
  12. You may be called by one of our staff and asked questions about the course, this is to verify that you did the course yourself and have a good overall knowledge of the LCQ.

2. Reassessment and appeal procedure

GetLCQ as part of The Learning Place Ltd is committed to providing all assessed candidates (students or learners) with access to a fair and reasonable process for seeking reassessment and appealing assessment decisions. If a candidate is assessed as ‘not yet competent’, or ‘needs more evidence’, they can generate and submit new evidence for reassessment at no cost.

ONE free re-assessments is permitted for any unit standard. After that, there is a $25 fee per additional re-submission. Up to 2 re-submissions are accepted (1x free and 1x at $25)
If the student is not competent after the second re-submission, they need to sign up again and redo the entire course and assessment and pay the full fee again.

Any candidate who feels that an assessment decision was incorrect is entitled to appeal the decision. Candidates should first try to resolve any issues directly with the assessor via e-mail to, but this is not always possible.
The following process should then be followed.
The candidate’s appeal of the assessment decision should be in writing to:
The Academic Manager

The request must be received within ten working days of the candidate receiving notification of the assessment decision. It should fully state the grounds for the appeal. Appeals may be brought on such grounds as:
  1. The candidate believes that the assessor failed to follow proper and agreed assessment processes and/or procedures.
  2. The candidate believes that the assessor failed to recognise or acknowledge the achievement of the required standard of performance.
  3. The documented decision differs from feedback received at the assessment.
This list is not exhaustive. Any candidate who feels that credit has been denied them unfairly should use the following procedure:
  1. Once an appeal is lodged, it will be considered and within five working days a decision will be made as to how to proceed. Further information may be required from the candidate including assessment evidence.
  2. If an appeal proceeds the assessor will be notified and asked to provide copies of the documentation related to the assessment. The assessor may also provide a written report regarding the assessment. The assessor does not receive the detail of the complaint.
  3. All material provided will be reviewed by a moderator and a determination made as follows:
    • The original decision by the assessor was justified
    • The original decision by the assessor should be overturned.
    • A re-assessment is necessary
  4. The result of the appeal will be documented and provided to both parties. If either party disputes a determination based on the first or second of these options, then the third option will be followed.
  5. Should a re-assessment be necessary it will be undertaken by another Learning Place Ltd assessor who was not involved in any part of the process to date.
  6. Re-assessments are done in as short a timeframe as possible.
  7. The decision of the re-assessing assessor is final.


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