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Expiry dates and Extensions

1. Expiry dates

Approximately one week before your account expires (you have 45 days from the day you sign up with us to complete the course) we will send you an e-mail reminder with a specific date and time on which you have to submit your assessment by. Please ensure your assessment has been submitted by the stated time and day or contact us before the expiry date regarding an extension.

Once you reach your expiry date and you have not submitted your assessment, your account will be deleted. 

2. Restoring your account

If you missed your expiry date and your account was deleted, you can restore it by paying a $50 fee. This option is valid up to 6 Months after your account has been opened. Please e-mail us to to get more information on how to restore your account. 

If the account was opened more than 6 months ago, we do require the student to pay the full fee and sit the full course again. This is to ensure that the student has a good and recent understanding of the content of the course, as all councils in New Zealand require recent training when applying for the Managers Certificate. 

3. Extensions

In cases of emergencies, illnesses and bereavement leave we can grant extensions on a case by case basis for up to 2 weeks. Please e-mail us to to request an extension form. 

If an additional extension is required, a $50 administration fee needs to be paid to us first. For more details, please e-mail 


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