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Completing the GETLCQ online Licence Controller Qualification is the first step to get your Managers Certificate to manage licensed premises.

Bringing together over ten years experience in delivering the Licence Controller Qualification GETLCQ is the first comprehensive and complete online LCQ in New Zealand. The new Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 means a greater level of risk to staff, Duty Managers and licensees of licensed premises. Greater access to the LCQ means you reduce the risk to these people and create safer drinking environments for your customers.

Gary Mankelow reviewed Online Licence Controller Qualification-GETLCQ.NZ — 5 star
October 12 at 10:48pm · 

"A thorough, hands-on course with practical advice with practitioners such as a bar manager and inspector with a wry sense of humour. Some aspects of the final assessment task may be viewed as tedious but you are well supported to navigate these aspects. Well worth the effort and I'd recommend it to colleagues requiring this qualification."

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