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How does it work?

A Step-by-Step Guide to enrol for the Online LCQ course:

Step 1 - Complete enrolment
Click on the "Get Started" tab at the top of the page. Submit your enrolement form for the LCQ and make your payment.

Step 2 - Receive emails
After enrolling, we will send you a series of emails including:

  • A welcome email that will provide instructions on how to begin the LCQ course
  • A login link to KuraCloud (our online learning platform)
  • A receipt for your payment

Check your junk/spam folder in case our emails end up there.

Step 3 - Create your KuraCloud login
Your KuraCloud email will include a link to the Licence Controller Qualification course.
You will create your username and password using the link.
We highly recommend you bookmark this page for easy access.

Step 4 - Lessons
Now you can start completing the lessons for your Licence Controller Qualification. Each lesson includes learning material, activities, and knowledge checks. You must complete all lessons before moving on to the final assessment lesson.

Step 5 - Assessment
Submit your completed assessment online using the KuraCloud link provided. Make sure to download a copy for your reference and double-check that you've answered all questions. If you need extra help, feel free to call us at 0800 800 415 ext 1.

Step 6 - Marking and Result
Within five working days, one of our assessors will grade your assessment and inform you of your result. If you pass, we will send you a "completed" email and update your NZQA record of learning. We will send you your Licence Controller (LCQ) Certificate

Step 7 - Resubmission
If you don't pass, you'll have one chance to resubmit your incorrect answers. We'll email you the incorrect answers, and you can reply directly to the email with your new answers.

Step 8 - Resubmission marking
One of our assessors will mark your resubmission within five working days and advise you of your result. If you have achieved, you will be sent a "completed" email, and we will load your results onto your NZQA record of learning. We will email you your LCQ Certificate so you can apply for your Duty Managers Certificate

Step 9 - Certification
After NZQA processes your unit standards, we will email you a digital copy of your Licence Controller Qualification Certificate.

Step 10 - Apply for your Manager's Certificate 
Once you receive your LCQ Certificate, you can apply for your Manager's Certificate with your local District Licensing Committee. Click on this link to find your local committee.


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